What’s defined as ‘sex positive feminism’ tends to translate to: non-critical of the sex industry, BDSM, burlesque, and generally, anything that can be related to ‘sex’. ‘Non-judgement’ is the mantra espoused by so-called ‘sex-positive feminists’, which is troubling because it ends up framing critical thought and discourse as ‘judgement’ and therefore negative. Since I tend to see critical thinking as a good thing, the ‘don’t judge me’/’don’t say anything critical about sex because it’s sex and therefore anything goes’ thing doesn’t sit well with me.

'Sex negative', on the other hand, tends to be ascribed to feminists who are critical of prostitution, pornography, strip clubs, burlesque, BDSM and, really, sex and sexuality as defined by patriarchy and men. The reason that feminists are critical of these things is because they want to work towards a real, liberated, feminist understanding of sex and sexuality, rather than one that sexualizes inequality, domination and subordination, is male-centered, and is harmful and exploitative of women. To me, that sounds far more 'sex positive' (from a feminist perspective, anyway), than blind support for anything sex-related, because sex.

That love and domination can coexist is one of the most powerful lies the patriarchy tells us.
— bell hooks (via striderdaves)


pro-prostitution arguments that say “what about disabled men, how will they ever have sex if there are no prostitutes!” are not acceptable. besides the sex industry being horrifically exploitative, if disabled people were allowed to own and define their own sexualities and not be seen by our ableist society as unworthy of love, non-sexual or hypersexual and only worthy of being a fetish, then they would not need prostitutes, stop using disabled men as props in your pro-sex industry arguments.


it’s pretty common for people discussing rape culture within feminist discourse to conveniently leave out disabled girls, but this is just a casual reminder that disabled women are far more likely to be sexually assaulted, abused or raped than able-bodied women. on top of that, 50% of deaf girls and 54% of deaf boys have been sexually abused or assaulted. so please stop leaving us out of your discussion about rape culture.


Hey you know that “feminist fist” you all like so much? It belonged to black people first and I feel really fucking weird every time I see white women use it so I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that it’s another example of white feminism appropriating other peoples shit.

So maybe we should, ya know… Quit fucking using that.

I claim that the verbal separation of forced prostitution and prostitution by choice is a cover-up to maintain the status quo:

a) On one hand, johns need exactly this inscrutably large market to “score” in general and also to get enough “fresh meat” from “every corner of the world” (“an entente cordiale from below” as Dona Carmen [German pro-sex-work lobby group] puts it) and on the other to do this for affordable prices (unless eventually there will be sex covered by health insurance companies or job centers - I can imagine almost everything by now).

b) Whoever propagates a right to sex on a living subject also knows that falling back on “volunteers” does not suffice to implement it. Even now it is hardly possible to meet the enormous “demand”. On that account a neoliberal reasoning is needed according to which it is supposed to be legitimate to say that discriminated Roma women without an education had better free themselves from poverty on their own (instead of simply paying them the social benefits they are entited to as allowed for by EU law)*. This way an economic choice under pressure turns into an emancipatory act and a constant (ab)user of other’s sexual organs into a well-meaning “humanitarian worker”.

c) “Happy sex workers” intimately know that forced prostitution can only be fought by fighting against prostitution in general and that a separation between the two will not be possible in practice, even given the strongest efforts. Therefore they put their rights before those of people who do not feel as comfortable in prostitution as themselves and reject their stories (to the point of defaming survivors of prostitution as “liars”).

Manuela Schon on the practical use of differentiating between forced prostitution and prostitution by choice ("Prostitution, Postfeminism and Neoliberalism" [German])

*Apparently, the young feminist magazine “Missy” from Germany had this to say: “Perhaps to work as a sex worker in Germany really does feel self-determined from the perspective of a Roma woman who lives in squalor and is being racially persecuted” and “…perhaps it would be better to leave it to those less privileged as ourselves to determine where the limits of their human dignity can be drawn”.


I’m really sick of all the trans assholes on this site derailing feminist conversations, because when we’re constantly trying to define what a woman is and talking about what females have in common then it takes valuable time away from us talking about our differences.

Lesbian women are different from bisexual women who are different from straight women and we have to acknowledge and discuss the privileges we as non-lesbians possess and we have to stop yelling at each other and maybe be quiet and listen.

White women and women who pass as white have privilege over women of colour, and wealthy women have privilege over poor women and women in het relationships enjoy many privileges from their proximity to a man, and so on.

There are so many posts on tumblr written by people who have privilege in society that go “well I’m sooooo sorry for being straight/white/ rich” whatever and its such bullshit. People here don’t want to listen to you, Ms Privilege, because they spend the whole of their lives having your narrative shoved down their throats, and this is where they can come and not have to put up with it.

Tumblr is this shitty site full of weirdos and losers and asshole and unfortunately it’s also one of the few safe place for people to come and discuss the oppression they face in society, where you’re guaranteed an audience (unlike wordpress or blogspot, which require significantly more effort to gain a following on). So when you act all injured because someone with fewer privileges than you dared not to give a shit about your opinion, it just really reinforces the fact that you are used to being in a position of power.

Anyway, my point it that as radical feminists, it’s easy to feel like a victim on this site because of all the TERF/RADSCUM talk, but ultimately we are all different and we should acknowledge those differences so we don’t lose sight of the fact that there are people in our group with way more privilege than others in our group and we don’t all have the same experiences.

Feminism is the new misogyny: On ‘Belle Knox feminism’ and the new backlash →


This just in from the backlash: everything is feminism’s fault and we are the real woman-haters.

You knew that, didn’t you? That it was not men, but women — and not just women, but feminists — who were responsible for things like violence against women and sexual repression. It’s a pretty good trick, actually, because guess who gets off scot-free? Men. Also, oppressive systems of power. With women busy attacking other women for their own oppression, who has time to fight the real enemy?

As illogical as it sounds on paper, this phenomenon actually makes a lot of sense.

The most obvious explanation for feminist-hating among women (or even among feminists) is that we live in a culture that teaches us to hate women — that it’s acceptable to hate women, that it’s sexy to hate women, and that it’s funny to hate women. We see this normalized hatred of women manifested in a number of ways:

1) Cosmetic surgery

Here we have a “trend” that involves women hating their bodies so much that they quite literally cut the offending body parts off of their bodies and replace them with other, more “attractive,” more “perfect” parts.

Rest on Feminist Current.



Yo it’s just as shitty and creepy to make lib fem lists as it is to make rad fem lists I literally cannot believe that needs to be said

My feminism is more about harassing other women and making them feel unsafe.