"Saying that patriarchy is based in biological sex is an inherently white supremacist notion"

I feel that someone has to address this statement to reveal its complete idiocy. It contains two assumptions: 1) that patriarchy is based on anything else than biological sex, 2) that a claim on the contrary is white supremacist.

Patriarchy is based on anything else than biological sex.
First, a brief definition of patriarchy: patriarchies are societal structures in which one dominant male (classically the father) has most power (e.g. in the form of law and custom) over all other males and females in a given social unit. Since biological sex actually exists and the vast majority of human beings are easily distinguishable into men and women at first sight it is only logical that women’s oppression would be easily perpetrated based on sex alone. Possible counter-arguments include:

The claim that patriarchy is based on biological sex is white supremacist.
If this is true the following is true:

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    I agree that patriarchy existed before we developed our current understanding of sex. This is exactly what I was trying...
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    The patriarchy existed before our notions of biological sex were developed. In that regard, our scientific understanding...
  7. beyondasleep said: Has someone/multiple someones actually said this? it just sounds like a tumblry collusion of social justice buzz words. it’s easy enough to see through, but you took it down very eloquently.