…girls today are consumed by pleasing boys to a degree unknown in yesteryear. In April 2006, a thirteen-year-old girl in Zion, Illinois, reported being gang-raped by seven boys, but then later told the police that she had decided her experience was “consensual” - even though all the boys involved were strangers to her. (Only the eldest boy, seventeen, was charged with any crime.) Consent, while crucial, turns out not to be a sufficient guarantor of bodily dignity. If a girl believes that her reason for being is to please boys, and as many boys as possible, then the concept of consent actually becomes meaningless. To truly consent, one must first realize that one actually has a self. Today, unfortunately, this is no small matter. Many girls learn to preen and to please boys before they discover their own ideals and emotional needs.

Shalit, Wendy. Girls Gone Mild: Young Women Reclaim Self-Respect & Find It’s Not Bad to Be Good. Random House; New York. 2007. (pg. 178)

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