Perfectly said, I don’t even think most of them know the existence of radical feminism, marxist feminism, anarchist feminism, black feminism etc. This annoys me a lot, mostly when they only know a small part of feminism and then pretend they don’t

I read this and it just occurred to me how strange the recent developments in feminism are. Most of queer and liberal feminism is a product of academia, there are hardly any connections to grassroots activism, at least ideologically, and the only activism that seems to count happens in the form of self-realization and often vicious reactions to anyone who would dare to besmirch someone else’s identity.

There is a lot of pretense around being properly intersectional yet the vast majority of libfems on tumblr do not even seem to know that bell hooks is a radical feminist. They have only been schooled in queer theory and identity politics. They only work together with people who think like themselves. They use words and do not seem to know what they really mean. They have a huge stake in not offending anyone, i.e. not being “exclusive”. They do not want to be reminded of the fact that they do not have control over every aspect of their lives. They are parasites on feminist ideologies like the marxist and anarchist ones, pick out some vague anti-capitalist sentiments only to pretend that these have been part of their own ideology to begin with.

I am actually convinced that they do not even know what they stand for themselves. It’s every woman on her own. They threw solidarity out the window when they made woman a non-exclusive category.

I want to say that the whole rift between radfem vs libfem is of the libfems’ doing (via doing the YOU!-out-of-MY-feminism thing for not falling in line on trans issues), but I don’t know enough to know if that is true. It HAS been my impression.

Yes. Trans is sacrosanct. You are not even allowed polite disagreement. (Here’s a good example.) I myself have expressed the opinion that the trans issue has divided the feminist movement. There was already a lot of animosity based on our anti-porn stance. Now, there is no liberal feminist venue which will allow radical feminist thought to be published because identity and agency reign supreme - unless you are uncritically pro-trans. And that doesn’t work out in combination with radical feminism.

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