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This is so disgusting. Spending millions of federal dollars on a program aimed at convincing low-income and impoverished women and single-mothers that the answer to their economic woes lies in finding a man to marry.

And the fact that Obama continues to fund this obscene program is equally infuriating.


The Bush administration, those geniuses who brought us great ideas like a long, expensive war against a country that didn’t have weapons of mass destruction and flying over Hurricane Katrina en route home from a vacay, had another Brains Turned Up to 11 idea that it now seems didn’t work: a multimillion dollar federal program designed to encourage poor single mothers to get married, thus solving all of their financial (and moral) problems. But rather than cut funding to a wasteful, ineffective religious program designed around the assumption that what women need is a man, any ol’ man, the government continues to pour millions and millions of dollars into so-called “healthy marriage” initiatives. Where’s a giant Mission Accomplished banner when you need it?

The unholy union between the government and churches created programs that sound like they were written to be a humorous subplot on Parks & Recreation. The usual suspects in Congress — Rick Santorum, Chuck Grassley’s crazy ass — were behind the Federal Healthy Marriage Initiative, which took bunches of money and threw it at organizations that presented seminars designed to put “a little sizzle” in low income people’s marriages and encourage unmarried poor people to tie the knot already.
One such program, Laugh Your Way America, was designed by a non-Spanish speaking minister from the Midwest who adapted his Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminars to target poor Latinos. Nothing funnier or more marriage-solidifying than a white dude from Wisconsin trying to teach poor people about humor. I mean, laughter’s some pretty good medicine, but you know what’s better than laughter for curing stuff? Actual medicine. Like the medicine these low income people can’t afford. Isn’t that hilarious? I’m so amused that I could just get married!
The holy rollers in government flung another $WTF at a program designed by a rabbi that they adapted to target single black moms in DC. The program’s usual attendees were upper middle class Maryland Jews.

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