boys talk such big shit about how easily offended people are but i can literally walk outside with unshaved legs and shorts on and that’s enough to offend one so


Sarah Kazemy


Sarah Kazemy

Natural Beauty By Jasmine Alston

Ever wondered why there isn’t more stuff written about class on the feminist internet?


Consider this: 44% of working class adults in the UK do not have internet access at home.

When you’re using the internet to learn about the world and about social justice movements, ask yourself: whose voices are missing and why?

Homemade Toffee (treat yourself or your friends)


Because they’re tasty and easy and make for wonderful birthday presents or treats.


  • - 125ml cream
  • - 2 tbp honey
  • - 80g sugar
  • - 40g butter
  • - some oil for the form
  • optional: chili flakes, cacao powder, peppermint oil, cinnamon…. your toffee, your taste!)


pot, spoon for stirring, ice cube tray (or small casserole dish, about 15cm x 15cm)


- Throw your cream, honey, sugar and butter into the put, put the stove on medium heat. Stir occasionally while everything warms up to make sure it combines well. If you plan to use optional ingredients, leave that out for now.

- use the free time to oil up your warm. You can totally do that with your fingers. If you’re worried that toffee will stick to your casserole dish, you can line it with tin foil and oil that instead for easier handling.

- your ingredients should be mixed and melted now. Now the important part: CARAMELLISATION. You basically just stand by and stir your mix and wait for it turn from a yellowish color to a nice light brown (that’s why we didn’t put the cacao powder in earlier). That should take about 20 minutes. At this point, the mixture should also thicken. Now it’s time for the cacao powder/optional ingredients! Stir them in as well, turn off your stove and pour the hot toffee mass into your form. 

- Let everything cool for 3h and you’re done! you can now eat your toffees as they are, put them in the fridge to make them harder, or package them. Packaging is easiest in baking paper, or you use those little paper things you use for mini cupcakes. 

They’re great to treat yourself or if you want to, or if you want to cheer someone up (ice cube tray in heart form? perfect for this) or just because. They’re nice, damn it. 


All men benefit from women’s reinforced fear of being hurt for saying no.


This is why he’s my favorite. 

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #82 (March 1970)
Art by John Romita & Jim Mooney
Words by Stan Lee


if your privilege/oppression framework is defined solely according to “these people get a kind of flak these people don’t get” and not “these people are actually materially exploited by these people” then you get all kinds of bullshit like vanilla privilege or, idk, non-goth privilege. tall privilege. you can apply it to literally anything

LOS ANGELES: Porn Producer Threatens Libel Suit - AHF Says: "Bring it On!" | Business Press Releases | Fort Mill Times →


This is also the man who was investigated by the DEA for cocaine and when the DEA raided the armoury, they found cocaine and an UNLICENSED GUN RANGE in the basement.

Because stimulants and loaded weapons on a set that fetishizes pain and inequality and bondage is a brilliant fucking idea. is slime, and Acworth is worse yet.




So this happened



oh how the roles and opinions have changed when it comes to a young boy


FYI, when it first happened with the girls, everyone was calling their parents unfit to raise children, and the girls were being called narcissistic and fame hungry cause they had their picture taken for news, while with the boy, everyone was so quick to jump to his and his family’s defense, calling it a smart haircut, and his hairstyle none of anyone’s business.

I just wonder. When did hair become more important than education?

This is ludicrous.