That love and domination can coexist is one of the most powerful lies the patriarchy tells us.
— bell hooks (via striderdaves)


The first morning I went down to escort for the Women’s Clinic was during the 40 Days for Life. I parked my car and got out and without a vest to signify who I was, the anti’s thought I was a patient. Instantly they surrounded me. They leaped at the opportunity. I kept saying over and over again, “I’m not a patient. I’m not a patient. I’m not here for an abortion. I am not a patient.” 

Did they listen? Hell no.

Then there was the walk of shame.

The anti’s line up on either side of the sidewalk with their children and families and judging eyes, large signs with grotesque images and mutilated dolls, singing hymns and glaring at you with this deep malice you can’t shake off.

That’s terrorism. Anti’s are making the environments around these clinics as hostile and dangerous as possible to scare women away from them. I’ve seen some men get up in women’s faces with video cameras to “document” them. To call this terrorism isn’t a stretch and it isn’t an exaggeration. Terrorism keeps you from going about your daily activities as you need to out of fear—and that’s how they operate. They know they’re daunting, they know they’re scary, and they play it up as much as possible so that these are the images you see, so that you’re too frightened to make the walk.

Protesting outside of abortion clinics should be fucking illegal.

Germany opens lesbian-only cemetery →







Hey you know that “feminist fist” you all like so much? It belonged to black people first and I feel really fucking weird every time I see white women use it so I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that it’s another example of white feminism appropriating other peoples shit.

So maybe we should, ya know… Quit fucking using that.

it was used for the anti fascist movement, and socialism as well…









So ridiculously unsurprisingly, the OP is white.

laughing SO HARD right now at this. the OP was such a shit to me when i pointed this out, it’s nice to see other people have told her the same.

Yeah, the raised fist is generally just a symbol of strength, power, determination etc.

& if you’re going to cry “appropriation” over the raised fist as a symbol then the black panther party appropriated it from the IWW, the communist and socialist party, and the Assyrians. But it’s absurd to even say that, it’s universally used all over the world by left organizations (primarily oppressed workers). It has a universal meaning of solidarity amongst oppressed groups. TBH the only people I’ve got a problem with using the raised fist is Howard Stern and the white power losers.

Let me say it bluntly:

Pregnancy is barbaric. I do not believe, as many women are now saying, that the reason the pregnancy is viewed as not beautiful is strictly due to cultural perversion… Pregnancy is the temporary deformity of the body of the individual for the sake of the species.

Moreover, childbirth hurts. And it isn’t good for you. Three thousands years ago, women giving birth ‘naturally’ had no need to pretend that pregnancy was a real trip, some mystical orgasm (that far-away look). The Bible said it: pain and travail. The glamour was unnecessary: women had no choice. They didn’t dare squack. But at least they could scream as loudly as they wanted during their labour pains. And after it was over, even during it, they were admired in a limited way for their bravery; their valour was measured by how many children (sons) they could endure bringing into the world.

Today all this has been confused. The cult of natural childbirth itself tells us how far we’ve come from true oneness with nature. Natural chilbirth is only one more part of the reactionary hippie-Rousseauean Return-to-Nature, and just as self-conscious. Perhaps a mystification of childbirth, true faith, makes it easier for the woman involved. Pseudo-yoga excercises, twenty pregnant women breathing deeply on the floor to the conductor’s baton, may even help some women develop ‘proper’ attitudes (as in ‘I didn’t scream once’). The squirming husband at the bedside, like the empathy pains of certain tribesmen (‘Just look what I go through with you, dear’), may make women feel less alone during her ordeal. But the fact remains: childbirth is at best necessary and tolerable. It is not fun.

(Like shitting a pumpkin, a friend of mine told me when I inquired about the Great-Experience-You’re-Missing. What’s-wrong-with-shitting-shitting-can-be-fun says the School of the Great Experience. It hurts, she says. What’s-wrong-with-a-little-pain-as-long-as-it-doesn’t-kill-you? answers the school. It is boring, she says. Pain-can-be-interesting-as-an-experience says the school. Isn’t that a rather high price to pay for interesting experience? she says. But-look-you-get-a-reward, says the school: a-baby-all-your-own-to-fuck-up-as-you-please. Well, that’s something, she says. But how do I know it will be a male like you?)

Shulamith Firestone, The Dialect of Sex (1970)

comments from Seebster:

My friends, now of baby-having age, are ALL about this natural childbirth stuff. One dear friend, while she didn’t make that mystical orgasm claim, was saying how the movements of giving birth are reminiscent of having sex. Another friend required major surgery sometime in her second trimester I think due to the fetus literally deforming her insides (due to a previously unknown anomalous digestive tract that would have given her no trouble had she not been pregnant) and experienced excruciating pain throughout her pregnancy with minimal medication - but for some reason plans to do it all again. Her twin sister had to watch all that terror…and yet is now pregnant herself and wants to do all the natural stuff, too.

I cannot relate to this level of masochism. I guess it’s good that there are plenty of women who seem to genuinely want this ordeal, since Firestone’s alternative (artificial wombs instead of women carrying and delivering) is an unappealing vision of the future. (I’m thinking: Borg babies.) All I know is that if I were to find myself impregnated for any reason, I would do anything to get it out of me. It does NOT sound “natural” to me, it does NOT sound mystical-orgasmic to me, it does NOT sound glamorous or a fulfillment of some feminine maternal destiny to me.

The truth is, maternal mortality is a real thing, and dying in childbirth is every bit as natural as a healthy delivery. Even in the United States. Even in cases where it should be preventable in this day and age, women die. (see The truth is, pregnant bodies are particularly vulnerable to state coersion. (see The truth is, women are still struggling to define our bodies as just that: our bodies, our being, our physical manifestation in this world - and being an incubator just doesn’t make sense to me as part of that struggle.

It’s almost as though we need to set aside a portion of the population that’s just for this unpleasant deforming processes, convince them that they want this horrible travesty that may potentially be a self-sacrificing death, convince them that it’s in their nature to want it, tell them it’s glamorous or valorous or orgasmic….

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Mothra Vs. Godzilla


pro-prostitution arguments that say “what about disabled men, how will they ever have sex if there are no prostitutes!” are not acceptable. besides the sex industry being horrifically exploitative, if disabled people were allowed to own and define their own sexualities and not be seen by our ableist society as unworthy of love, non-sexual or hypersexual and only worthy of being a fetish, then they would not need prostitutes, stop using disabled men as props in your pro-sex industry arguments.

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What the actual fuck

yes stop downplaying like, capitalism and rape and idk, what else did men accomplish